• From Farm to Phone to Table: Sprig comes to the Service Experience Conference


    What does it take to make a customer experience delightful? Sprig CEO and co-founder, Gagan Biyani, will be at our Service Experience Conference to talk about the deliberate design of Sprig’s minimal app, as well as how his team applies data science to get smarter about what their customers want and when to ensure we deliver a delightful experience from farm to phone to table. We got his non-designer take on the importance of service experience and where he sees a need for service design in the future.

    Why should people be interested in service experience and design?

    There are three main trends that are increasing the importance of service experience for modern technology companies. First, the advent of social media as a distribution tool means that every experience is an opportunity to delight a customer and encourage sharing. Each individual who touches your service is someone who can be a potential advocate (or critic). Second, the rise of on-demand services enable greater control over the end-to-end customer experience, which is a huge opportunity. Finally, when you are disrupting an existing industry (such as Lyft with taxis or Sprig with food) you can completely reinvent the service design experience. This is possibly the most exciting part of starting a new company these days and enables companies to differentiate themselves from existing products.

    Why are you excited about speaking at the Service Experience conference?

    Honestly, I’m the most unlikely speaker for this conference. I was an Economics student in college, then a management consultant and most recently a growth marketer. Two years ago, you would never have expected me to care about service design. After working alongside the Lyft team, I came to sincerely appreciate service design and its importance in creating loyal, passionate customers. Since then, we’ve implemented a strong service design culture at Sprig and have seen the impact it makes on our customers and their passion for Sprig!

    Service experience and design can dramatically improve a business’s activation, retention and growth.

    What do you hope to leave people with after your talk?

    First, I’ll present the thesis that service experience and design can dramatically improve a business’s activation, retention and growth. Second, I’ll share a few specific methods by which we’ve enhanced the service experience at Sprig using a methodology that is simple and easy to replicate.

    If you could work on any service experience (other than your own), what would it be and why?

    I would like to figure out how we can help to improve our existing public services. I believe our government ought to consider service experience more when designing their products (such as welfare, social security and the DMV). I’m not sure we’re ready for these systems to change yet, but I truly hope there’s a time where we have a massive improvement of the way we treat our public services as a country and I’d love to be involved with that.

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