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    My startup, Foodspotting, was born at Adaptive Path. Now it’s growing up (over 40,000 foods have been spotted around the world), and as of today, I’ll be heading off to work on Foodspotting full time. (Follow my adventures: @ladylexy and @foodspotting)

    But the things I learned from 3.5 years at AP will continue to be put to good use as I strive to create a “UX-Driven Startup” (and to figure out exactly what that means in practice).

    Today, at the Web 2.0 Expo, I shared how I’ve applied what I’ve learned at AP to my own startup so far, and in parting, I wanted to share this toolkit with all of you. I’ve repackaged some of Adaptive Path’s “Greatest Hits” to show how these tools and methods can be applied to a startup business (or to the creation of any new product, really).

    Knowing what kind of experience you want to create and creating a concrete representation of that experience can help you validate ideas, impress investors, build a team and avoid some of the biggest mistakes startups make. I hope that this kit of tools will help you find what JJG calls, “a star to sail your ship by.”

    Focus on the ideal experience and let everything else support that.

    For more tools and methods, check out my past blog posts.

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    1. Daniel Szuc

      Mazel tov and wishing you all the best for your future adventure. Dan and Jo in Hong Kong

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    3. Amit Gupta

      Nice presentation. Good luck!

    4. Ben Watson

      I love your Experience / Business / Product / Technology hierarchy. Simple, true and useful.

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