• UX Week 2014 | Boon Sheridan | One Piece at a Time

    Whether you’re drowning in data or struggling for insights the hardest thing can be getting a project out of the gate. (Not to mention getting to the middle of a project and having to reset plans as situations and resources change.) Whatever the timeframe, keeping your sanity intact can be a challenge. Like Johnny Cash sang, I think the key is to take it “One Piece at a Time.” I’ll talk about ways to rethink the challenges of starting (or re-starting) a project without getting overwhelmed or lost in the details. I’ll share methods to uncover areas for improvement, how to build criteria that work for you, and how to to build a program of rolling changes. When done you’ll have:

    -Ways to think about internal goals, audiences and important tasks that uncover key areas to target for action

    -Tips to help keep teams focused and build a pattern of improvements focused on value, not just visibility

    -Strategies to work with stakeholders and teams across an organization to support your efforts

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